patched with pink

the gray and the clouds
making all the green glow
as i poke re-bar posts into the wet earth
and tie the sunflowers (some leaning, some standing right up) to them
how the cow across the fence
is close but not close enough to eat the tall grass from my hand
that i plucked from the edamame bed
but when i toss the blades over the fence
the black/white cow bends down
to chew chew chew chomp

the light that breaks out of the sky
that has been filled with moody and fast moving clouds
all day (gray on gray or sometimes
white on grayblue or sometimes
grayblue on darker grayblue)
every now and then
a bright and luminous ray
in an hour or so over tacos
kyle and mandy and jennifer and i manage
to create an ongoing joke or two
having to do with playing the piano/keyboard
at organic valley farms
and kylie minogue (and carly simon)
and witnessing authentic movement in the bathroom
and the park-a-parka startup
where one heading from a frosty climate
to a hot climate
can check their jacket at the airport and one
heading from a warm climate
to a frosty one
can check out a parka that one has left behind
(well, jennifer actually made that idea up,
but we all carried on with it well)
the red blinking of the lights
attached to our bikes as we pedal
back up the hill
bright sky patched with pink to our right
and dark sky made of layers of rain
to our left
from the water world:

Evangeline Garcia paddles a boat-load of piglets to safety at a flooded village in Quezon city, metropolitan Manila, Philippines. Southwest monsoon rains brought about by a tropical storm continue to flood parts of the metropolitan and provinces causing school and work suspensions. – day in photos, voice of america