scale the sliding hill

the monarch whose body i never realized was spotted
stark white over velvety black
i witness close-close-up
as it dips into the bright pink
of the blooming dianthus
in plastic pots
on the wire mesh table
in the full sun perennial lot
you want them, take some home peter says
of the small tray of even smaller starts
whose tiny blue flowers tell him what plant it is:

a  generic version of round-up peter says
about whatever the hell it is that he was asked to spray
and the assault of it, even the next day, to my nostrils

the hilarious tick-proof costumery
involving the bright pink narwhal/unicorn knee socks
pulled up over the geometric pattern leggings
with the plaid purple teal shirt tucked in

the red glow of fruits on the surprise raspberry bushes
that i scale the sliding hill of sand
to reach

from the water world:

A man splashes in a puddle in Times Square during a heavy midday downpour in New York City. – voice of america, day in photos

Children use a makeshift raft as they play along a partially flooded street caused by monsoon rains and Tropical Storm Son-Tinh in Quezon city, Metro Manila, in Philippines.