weaving a trellis

the rhythm grub hoe moving through tomato patch
liberating the plants from the hold of the clover
the rhythm of the T-post driver
against the T-posts
as i pound them into the tomato rows
for winding baling twine around
weaving a trellis
the humidity of the day showing up
in sweat
on my face
the lightning in the north
sending us back up the road
from our mailbox wandering
the sprigs of mint i collect
from the patch in front of the tool shed
and rinse and drop
into glasses of water
post sunset
how the sky seems all one flat gray
until the lightning shows us
the cloud edges it snakes behind
from the water world:

A boy uses an improvised raft to maneuver through the floodwater after incessant rainfall in Bhaktapur, Nepal.