prairie rehab in all caps

the small brown sign on the side of the highway
that reads prairie rehab in all caps
between milemarker 188 and 189
ghost skins the person on the podcast says
referring to kkk members entering the police force
to take their mission
into their own hands
on the job
the hoo hot heeat hot sounds
a human is bound to make
as they explore barefoot
on the curved and flat rock surfaces
of the shut-ins
at the st. francis river
the poison ivy dance
that first begins as a quiet arm movement
the person in front alerting the person behind them
to the poison ivy along the way
and then, it progresses into a
scatting shoo be de bop
plus dance
as we head up and out towards the parking lot
the des ark song playing
(one of the live ones, a slower sadder one)
while the sun dog glows in parenthases
on either side of the bright light
someday you will ache like i ache honna and i sing along
to the high school anthem song
while the mimosa blooms gather
the sunsetty golden light
in their hot pink sprigs


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