four thimbles and a patio

the mimosa tree
on flowery fire in bloom
on the corner we approach
that catches apple’s eye and how she exclaims
at its brilliance
flips and tricks apple says
about the mimosa tree she grew up with
and how she and her sisters would spend endless summers in it
thirty to forty seven i overhear one of the truck drivers
on the bus headed to st. louis say
about how many days a year
he spends at home

four thimbles and a patio honna says
and i mention how it sounds like

two turntables and a microphone
(the thimbles in reference to the petite glasses
honna and mel and jennifer and i
drink our rosĂȘ out of)
the ceiling porch scene of
patio table and my hands kneading jennifer’s feet
that honna draws/paints
at the end of the day