under a subtle sunset

the lilac-y purple of the chicory flowers and the
bright yellow burst of birdsfoot trefoil
flowering alongside the highway as i bike alongside the highway too
and call out to them like i would to friends
hey trefoil! hey chicory!
these flowers familiar as home

watering in the fruit tree section
i snack as i go:
three varieties of cherries
a handful of varieties of currants
plus gooseberries

something squeaking under a tray of perennial pots
in the greenhouse and how
i lift it slowly to reveal
a rumply bumpy greygreenblackbrown
toad frog

the not fledgling but not adult robin
(speckled white)
that goes for the red cherry on the ground
and when the robin comes back
several times
i toss a cherry
in the robin’s direction
crouched close to garden ground
sick kitty weightless on my back
under a subtle sunset
as if someone smudged the colors and textures with their hand
while i drop tepary beans
into the earth