the real thing is better

shirley on the sitting lawnmower
paused and looking up into the trees telling me
how she likes to stop to listen to the birds
and how this one she could hear over the mower
the basket woven from last year’s willow
that i carry down to the garden empty
and carry back up
filled with green
(arugula, spinach, chard, kale)
if you have never looked
at a blooming milkweed flower closeup
i recommend you should
and make sure to smell it while you’re at it
here’s a sneak peek
but the real thing is even better:

(photo taken from here)
the candle throwing its glow about us
as she speaks of the terrifying news
around immigration and border issues
including the u.s. planning migrant tent camps
on military bases
the chill of it enough to cool us
on an 80 degree night
the chill of it enough to be winter
if winter decides on not coming this year
which it very well could