pointing towards sky

a name for the gold/brown body of the dead deer
car-collided and bucked and  tossed along the side
of highway fourteen – skin taut with bloat and
limbs stiff with death – legs poking up pointing towards sky
body speckled with flies and then another,
limbs less sticky uppy,
further down the road
ranger, austin, jennifer and i joking
about a bar called the wacky puritan
which will be the project austin embarks upon
during his time in residence at the fine arts work center
in provincetown
(the limited drink menu will include the disgusting and disturbingly named:
hand grenade
irish car bomb
and of course some cider for the gluten free crowd)
the monarch perched
atop a swaying wild clover flower
along the edge of green acres road
while i bike past asking
for the wild things to show themselves
to me