start giving yourself permission

the flowers i gather to put in water in a vase
back up at the trailer:
purple flowering clover
wild daisies
various wild grasses
one stem of gigantic bright red daylilies
one stem of hot pink sweet williams
the smallest roar, the biggest zing
of a hummingbird torpedoing across the garden field
first from east to west
then from west to east
while i work a hoe
through the short grasses and purslane
the small trowel holes i dig into which i lower
bachelor buttons
and cosmos
while the chronically sinus infected kitten
(white with some black and brown and gray patches)
darthvader breaths as she climbs up
onto my back,
the small bell on her worn out red sparkle collar
frankie he almost yells at me and it feels right/good
you don’t have to work that hard!
start giving yourself permission

from the water world:

A boy uses a tire tube to swim in New Delhi, India. – voice of america, day in photos