racing the light

two writers
doing math
that didn’t seem so complicated from a distance
but when we get right up to it
it takes a while
to find our way from
mystery to answer
 in fact, it might get worse keren says
we got you is the message
sent to an unruly neck and the image
is of a cave and keren pulling me along
both of us knowing that shit’s gonna get real/
get gritty down there
but we know we’re good for it
and it’s worthy
and we’re going in
you’re asking me to do what!? i exclaim outloud
to the gravel hill road rising high
ahead of us
as we pedal forward

jennifer and i take turns pulling each other along
the gravel drive and road
on a test ride

in the green mesh garden cart assembled by us
one and a half times
all in a days work:
the grub-hoeing,
the garden forking
the lowering of baby plants
into the ground and racing the light
as it fades
we walk away wealthy in
herb gardens and flowers