remembering to slow

today, i bring water
and price tags
to the roses, to the lilacs, to the hollyhocks and the lilies
how the hummingbird dives in and out and back again
swoop down in
swoop down out
and again
and again
through the greenhouse back door
the hum/whir/zing of its body in flight
an unnameable sound
the amberish red-orange glow
of the red-tailed hawk
taking flight from some branch
mere feet from where i bike past
on the gravel shoulder of highway 14
remembering to slow
i ask to be shown
and ahead on the quiet side road i bike up
a wild turkey scuttles across
and up into the green and rocky hill
in the candlelight
spoon after spoon
we bring the soup in
to our open mouths

the gold light that comes after the rain
and the cloud doesn’t pass over us
it passes through