the thing about the YES song

this song sung
by a small choir
how the lyrics
do so many things
finding my way
finding my way
back home
oh river i hear you feel you calling me
oh river, who will i be when i reach the sea

the thing about the YES song
(and about singing it as the last song)
is that it has a way of jumping into pockets
into throats
only to jump out again
with joy
the string cheese power-up
that i chomp
for the 6 mile ride with an elevation gain
of 433 feet
and a stunning wide-open view that makes one feel
for a moment that they are in the middle
of a magnificent cross country journey

how the rises and downhills
reveal themselves
when one is pedaling
in a way that a car
can never tell
how the land tells its stories
in smell
(the rotting deer carcass,
the things in bloom)
and light
and lift and fall
the clear-ish glass vase
with the hole in the middle
set on the kitchen table
good for tall-stemmed flowers
she says