open the envelope

lisa’s mat (green) and my mat (coral)
rolled out alongside each other’s
as we stretch slow
on her photography studio floor
into the morning
of thawing street ice
the fizz of the kefir
just recently made
and handed to me
in a shallow bowl
the gold of all the fields of dead things
that we roll along
over and down the slopes of hills
as the sun breaks out of sky
part snow-ice, part melt
the gravel road that leads home
part white, part shining
mama cat rubbing against my ankles

moonstar purring in my arms
and gibbous nearby in a patch of sun
also purring
perched on a log
while the snow/ice drips drips drips
off branches and roof slants
the array of prints
hard to discern in the aged snow
possums perhaps
maybe cats
the smell of frankincense
that comes at me
when i open the envelope
with the monroe, oregon return address
there are so many things
to send one reeling and hearing this
on today’s democracy now show
while i eat my quinoa and sauteed onions/red peppers/kale
with scrambled egg/omelette the way jennifer taught me to make them
is one:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, known as the CDC, is slated to hold a briefing next week to outline how the U.S. public should prepare for the event of a nuclear war. The scheduled briefing comes as tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to rise, largely sparked by President Trump’s repeated threats to launch a nuclear strike against North Korea. Last week, both former Vice President Joe Biden and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen said they think the United States has never been closer to a nuclear war with North Korea.

we’ve gone from a liquid state
to a solid state i say
(really, i said gaseous, but i think liquid sounds better)


there is an egg entry in the lion lexicon
i say, explaining now, when i crack an egg with
commitment and follow-through

i think of you