like a museum

we spread on the just-made crepes
along with clotted cream
whose name is so unappetizing to me
i spread it extra extra thin
and a little bit of strawberry jam as well
like a museum where it’s ok to touch everything i say
about going through isa’s jewelry collection
box by box
array by array
starting with earrings
then onto rings
then a half-hearted look into bracelets and necklaces
the dress at the thrift store with all the little cats all over it
that i would never wear in this life
(polyestery fabric
and in general, dresses don’t fit my body right)
and the m&m wheelie suitcase
that i absolutely want 
for all of its bright colors
but because it is $15
and is probably not big enough
i just wheel it around the store a bit
as if it were mine for two minutes