bitter is a word

isa and i laughing on the brown line L
about the startup company that helps startup companies
named frantelope logistics
(and in the logo,
the L in frantelope connects with the logistics L)
and i, as frantelope logistics, in my consultations
will start with questions like these:
ok, now tell me, do you have bean bags
and a little over-the-door basket ball hoop?
alright, and what kind of coffee do you have?

and, please tell me there is a hot tub somewhere.

the tour of borrowed scarves i say
as izzi hands me a soft and long orangey scarf
in union station
where i pull on my second pair of leggings
before we go out to walk in the single digit cold
spice cake spice cake  i cheer
after the pasta place and some tiny wine
and the gallery openings we wandered our way through
bitter a word
for this kind of cold and
something about the feeling or taste
that capitalism leaves in me
that comes up
when we walk past men wrapped in not enough layers
on the too cold sidewalks
shaking their paper cups clinking with small change
as if they have been there
this whole time since i last walked these sidewalks
months ago when the sun could still make it warm enough
to feel comfortable walking around in short sleeves

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