soon/not so soon

the remaining banana half
(sliced clean with a sharp knife)
on the kitchen island
how this ritual
only took a day to develop
and how my dad and i keep it going
days later
sweet she says

as we lay the scraps that soon/not so soon
become closer and closer
(stitched and stitched) to becoming
a whole
how we do the teamwork dance:
me on the floor pinning the fabric strips together
her at the sewing machine and iron
figuring out the rhythm
the slow red snake of tail lights heading east
passing the slow bright snake of headlights heading west
across the concrete barrier
while i try the guessing game in the backseat
to see if i can name all the ingredients
in the granola barsĀ 
he made this afternoon
the sprawl of beans and cheese
on the paper plate
that we pass back and forth
at the conejito’s table reserved
for five or more –
veronica and i wobbly
on our wobbly orange stool seats
in the living room
reading multiple choice questions aloud from a human geography AP exam prep book
while chris, dad, rob and isaiah and i
try to reason out
the answers
i said i’d mention a panther
as a shout out so
i’m mentioning the panther