for the marvelling

let’s leave drive in the opposite direction
i encourage dad
even though we’re already running behind
just so that we will head east for a bit
so he can see
the brilliant parchment of superhuge moon
climbing up into otherwise
dark sky
the woman who gets loud and vocal
and like a wild cat defending her territory
when any man gets close to her
(i was raped i think i hear her say
in explanation)
and then later
another woman responding the same
the trauma keeping them both
at their edges
(the first woman’s hair
and her build
and her wild brain reminding me
of a once-lover
who now lives in a valley
under a big sky
a word for the marvelling at how two strangers
can trust two strangers
all four of which are  buckled into seats in a car
hurtling towards an entire night long
of warmth
i must put on the official glove i joke
about the food safety glove
i pull over my hand in order to pass the cookies
to the woman walking through the food line
who thanks jesus to us/who thanks the jesus in us
and who also says something about how the cookie eating
is all she can do 
to keep from crying right now