the night on me

how one of the things i like about this time of year
is rachel’s yom kippur text that reads
in honor of yom kippur –
will you forgive me for anything i might have said or done this year
that has hurt you?
the saxaphone sounds
drifting across a day
perfectly sun-warmed
while i tiptoe through forest
plucking fallen persimmons
soft and impossibly cute in their smooshy roundness
and placing them
in a small basket

the contra caller
and her impressive patience
for a mic that keeps shorting out
and a room that never falls silent and the kids, goddess bless ’em, who want to dance but aren’t really listening and must be steered by their shoulders
through the doe-see-does
swings and
sometimes after nine but before 10
the half moon sending light across sky
and down as well
how it hits the high parts of the land
while the low parts stay in shadow
as i pedal through

i want to bring you the night on me i say about
climbing in with night-bikeride-cooled skin and 
the cycling-sttoked inner fire

Nepali Hindu devotees splash water on a buffalo set to be sacrificed during the Hindu Dashain Festival in Bhaktapur, on the outskirts of Kathmandu.