the day in pieces

the classic redness
of the apples we pluck
from heavy branches
trying to call out
when the fruit is falling near another’s head/body
filling crate after crate
with the best baking apples
(oh! the sweetness!)
i’ve ever tasted

the almost unbearable buzzing and 
diving of bees
hovering around the windfall fruit
and zipping past
our ears
the multi-colored zig zgs printed 
on the fabric i guide through the machine
that stitches elastic to fabric
the new growth
which surprises all of us
on the green bean plants we work our way down
plunking the harvest into buckets

moonstar the cat and the sometimes small snore
that comes out of her always small self
curled up in the medium sized priority mail box
made cozy with fleece scraps
as i write down the day
in pieces

i mississippi river you like nobody’s business she writes
and i know exactly
what this feels like