coyote so close

it’s not the sound so much
as the absolutly frenetic energy of the squirrels in the roof
that i have a difficult time with
(though it is also the fact that they wake me earlier
than my wristwatch alarm
is ever set for)
like a pathology trish says in the kitchen
about how the doc at teh prenatal appointment (because she’s got coverage so she can)
about her 35 year old pregnant body
and all the wrongnesses
that can happen

it jumped across the river
to washington
shiz is talking
about the licks and bursts and too-hot heat
of the gorge wildfire
that took angel’s rest
which i have walked
again again and again
most likely never thinking
what it might be like
to lose all those trees
all that green
while at the same time never
taking the forest floor
the sturdy ferns reaching
the towering of it all
for granted
jeaux, trish, ghana, em and me
with our happy salmon cards
in the uproar
switching and fistbumping and hi-fiving
in a frenzy and the great mess the cards in all their colors make
on the floor
i’m grateful i have a strong body that can move jenafr says
about the six mile ride down the hill into town
and the six mile uphill home
coyote sounds so close
i guess 50 to 100 feet
i pause
to take it 
all in

more color  she says
about one of her new moon intentions

no gaps, no signs of rustyness i affirm
about a certain return
to a certain playground