the spectre of rejection

the scribble scrabble scratch of squirrels
waking me
at least an hour before the alarm
is set to go off
with tears
sharon congratulates me
while we balance our dinner plates in our hands
for having the great knowing
in reference to the messages 
that have come through to me
regarding picking up
and carrying on

the spectre of rejection she says and i say
invite them to tea
i can go from zero to fuck that shit
in a matter of seconds
 i say about
how reactionary i can get
about the racket of the literary biz
and what someone means when they say
it’s about who you know
from the water world: 

pastor louicesse dorsaint with his wife Maria dorsaint in front of their Church, Haitian United Evangelical Mission, which was damaged by flooding from hurricane Irma in immokalee, Florida – Reuters/Stephen yang