name the formation

how it takes three hours or so it seems
to get from morning tea
to morning apples
little florets of broccoli and also, rounds of tortilla chips
how i lower them through the hole torn in the blanket that emory has disappeared under
and how emory takes each offering
with his quick fingers
and chomps
(the sound of crunchiness
as heard through lblanket buffer)
in one of the photos
half of her just makes it in the frame
revealing the black braid down to her butt and
the criss crossy strappy nearly backless dress
colored blue and white
that scandalized the philippines that summer
bookending is the word she uses
to name the formation
of her and i on either side
and jack cozed up between us
on the porch couch

the weight of the fruit tugging down the limbs of the tree
and the blush of it
we pluck a small bucket of peaches up
on the slater’s hill 
first persimmon of the season
custardy and sweet we pass
the fruit back and forth
seeds smooth on my tongue
while we hide behind the mottled persimmon bark
revealing the title of the next book
in the nancy who mystery series
standing back to take in
the sunset sky
we try to give the blues,
the peach pink golds
the purple mountain majesty 
but even for writers
it is impossible work