wrestling and weaving

the round sweet juiciness of my first peach of the season for breakfast
a small orb of a reminder: how lucky i am
and how grateful for all of this
mica and i hi-fiving with our butts
(which we call a low two)
for the drone cam that whirs and whines over the field
sometimes at the same height a frisbee in the air
could be at
might not be a good edamame year
or a good cucumber year
but damn if it isn’t a good sunflower year
i say of the towering 
orange-red petaled,
lemon yellow petaled,
maroon gold petaled
brightest hummingest yellow petaled giants
some of whose very tops
i’d need a step ladder to reach
and then the half gallon mason jar
filled with them and water
on the front porch (flowers saying hello) because
wrestling and weaving and wrestling and weaving and sometimes weeding too
this is how i move from one end of a row to the other
in the tomato jungle
like breaking a horse say
first dahlia bloom open
in north garden
just like last year
right in time for sharon and dennis
which means from this day forth
the first dahlia has delcared itself
dennis and sharon’s dahlia
how i slice and arrange
the first tomatoes in a circle (like sun rays)
on top of the tabouleh-ish sallad
which features fresh parsley and spinach and onions
some of which seem ready
to haul in 
for the season
the orange not-quite-setting-sun light
dipping below treeline branches
and laying itself across birdie the cat’s face
as she sprawls on the sun-warmed cistern
stretching into a knocked out pre-hunting time sleep


from the water world:

17th FINA World Aquatics Championship. Solo Technical Women preliminary, Budapest, Hungary. Yukiko Inui of Japan competes. – voice of america, day in photos.

A woman holds an elderly woman on her back to cross a flooded street after a heavy rain in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China. – voice of america, day in photos.


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