rattled by the rough

lightning in the darkening sky
to the east as we descend into chicago
and the massive amounts of water coming out of the clouds
all at once shortly after we land
handing out bible literatures  says the extremely kind/nice woman
wearing impressive amounts of mascara layered on
who sits next to me near the baggage claim
and there must be a name
for moments like these where i tell her about my dear friend
and her first baby but i don’t mention her wife (the baby’s second mama)
and i’m so relieved that because she’s taking a break
she has no bible literature to hand me
the pack of tissues the woman one seat up hand sto the woman in tears next to me
and the hand i put on the crying woman’s shoulder to tell her she’s doing a good job
and the please don’t yell at me again she says to the amtrak ticket collector
after she apologizes and tells me that it’s always like this – being rattled by the rough transition of coming from tokyo, where she lives, where even on the train people bow and respect, to here
where everything is rude and mean and yelling
the welcome-homes, in no particular order:
a forever night sky alive with light traveling cloud to cloud,
the burst of molten as it drops just above horizon and just below the shelf of clouds stretched paralell over the horizon,
cynthia in the same spot i left her – as if she just statued there outside the train station for the past two weeks,
a possum sitting up in the middle of the road and the curl of its tail as seen in the brightness of headlights and the fact that we are able to swerve away from hitting it,
all the frogs hopping across the sheen of wet highway, some we miss, some we don’t


from the water world:

People cool off in a swimming pool in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China. – voice of america, day in photos


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