close crow shadows
swooping over
as i sun salute and reverse twist and plow and cobra
on the light purple mat
placed in the backyard shrub shadows
on an already-heating-up day
shiz and i hugging at the intersection, birdie baby crying
signaling our time
to part paths
i hope you know i later write you’re a big deal to me
the crop of sores
some scabbed over
some open
on the arm of a woman talking to the person on the seat next to me
at the greyhound station while the cnn news person on the flatscreen
(volume cranked offensively loud)
talking about the u.s. and north korea
red and silver flash tape shining
in teh cherry tree branchs
where the mighty fruits dangle
in a range from bright red to black-red
it is a small creek
but it is running
clear and cool and the sound
from where i arrange myself in a sleeping bag and under covers
as heard filtered through the foresty growth
accompanies the other sound
of several owls calling and responding and calling and responding
while almost-full moon glow
lights the sky as if the sun is just about to go down yet but hasn’t
even though it has


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