into focus

the osprey (identified by Lo) perched on the far tip
of a coniferous branch
on the edge of the sandy river
in view
for us to tweak into focus
with the birdnoculars
all the things that are sad about the sandy river:
the two plastic bags within 5 feet of each other on the shore/beach where we plop ourselves down,
all the plastic that the flotillas of fourth of july revelers are made of and all the alcohol in tow,
the glass bottle Lo pulls out of the water and the shiny metal bait with rusted hook that i pull out of the water,
the flattened aluminum can, the matted paper towel, the bits of smashed car window glass and all the other items of trash
lined up along the road we walk to get to the short steep trail that takes us beachwards
all the things that are fabulous about the sandy river:
how the water surface shimmers down the way – think diamonds, think sequins,
a caddisfly in their casing slowly climbing up a bouldery rock in the water,
the crisp cool on my skin – it’s been too long since i’ve submerged myself in pacific northwest waters making me new again, 
the flicker of cottonwood tree leaves over us in the wind while up and up and up, the fluff of these trees floats slow against sky

catherine unscrewing the orange liquer cap while gina and steve and i pass around the strawberries and whipped cream

the impossible thud/book/crack
of fireworks
lit off in the not-distant distance
and how we do our best to seal ourselves in
from it all
but still 
from the water world: 

A man dives into the Blue Eye river, a water spring and naturally-occurring phenomenon, near the Delvine district in Albania. – voice of america, day in photos


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