moss-covered everything

picnic snacks laid out before us

in the dappled light, moss-covered everything surrounds us

and with a black fine point pen

james and i take turns giving each other

temporary spinster knuckle tattoos


stripes on stripes i say of shiz’s navy and white striped wraparound

as she holds birdie who’s snapped into a green and white striped hoodie onesie


just let your freak flag fly james says

and i think we are in the truck when he says it

but i don’t remember why

all i know is how much it makes me laugh


just as a.m. wrote and posted

a list of word-association words

with motherhood

i concoct my own list of words

associated with lone wolf


free agent

solo rider


flying free

lone star

lone rider

me first

come close but not too

deep breaths

down time

do it yourself

alone but not alone

alone but usually not lonely

on the prowl

scaredy cat

infinite possibilities



i got this


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