to feed again

the strangely comforting two-part sound
squeak-wheeze tick tock
of the breast pump
attached to shannon at the dining room table
carbo-loading  i joke about last night’s big serving of home-made ravioli
and this morning’s run
wherein i run in the bike lane for some parts
because there is no sidewalk
and in other parts i run in the rough patch of path
that many feet have tromped into the sidewalkless 
dj milk bags is back gina says of
Shiz’s return from the chiropractor
just before it is time
to feed again

on a blanket under the incense cedar tree
who easily measures five feet wide
reading robin wall kimmerer’s account of the Onondaga thanksgiving address of
The Words That Come Before All Else
planting seeds in my spirit
while the wind moves through my hair

gina, shiz, birdie and i walking
the curves in the neighborhood road
under a kindergarden art project sky:
pink cotton balls in various formations
taped onto a construction paper blue sky
and green cones mimicking the tips of coniferous trees
reaching up from the horizon
from the water world:

A boy jumps into the Black Sea from a pier in central Sochi, Russia. – voice of america, day in photos


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