what you’re moving towards

how i debate about whether or not i even want to re-speak it
but here it is (with the agreement that i won’t take up anymore airspace repeating anything else i’ve heard
from the aggro neighbor
at 8am
yelling into the phone
which he seems to do most mornings):
she’s an absolute looney tunes bitch

on a completely different spectrum,
the voice coming in over my phone says this:
you have agency

and you have more than one choice.

who do you want your days to be full of?

and who do you want ot be learnign from?

what kind of politics do you want to be surrounded by?

who do you want to be creating family with?

what do you want in your life right now?

you can still take up space even though you don’t know what you’re moving towards.
inspired by a.m.’s free-association list of words on motherhood
i take a moment to put together my own list of not the free-est association but close enough
of words on lone-wolfism:
free agent
solo rider
lone star
lone rider
me first
come close but not too
deep breaths
down time
do it yourself
alone but not lonely
friends as family
on the prowl
infinite possibilities
opposite of a slow and quite terror
scaredy cat
i got this