this is a kind of siblingship

country mouse in the city i joke
while taking photos of trash that has collected itself
along the concrete block of a parking spot
to send along to simona 

maybe we are in andersonville or maybe we are somewhere else at this point
when a watch a small bird (sparrow?)
take flight with the plastic/cellophane cigarette wrapper
clamped tight in its beak
bring me a higher love  drifting out of the van of a delivery person
as isa and i walk towards the lake and how
i can’t help but belt it out
again and again and how isa thinks it (The song) is one of the most terrible things that has ever happened
which makes me want to belt it out more
which means later we can’t help but hum the lines which means
we are giggling just like we have been known to giggle ever since 1995
which means this is a kind of siblingship
this familiarity is a kind of home
the briliant blues (some patches on the tealish side and some more on the crayola midnight blue side
and oh how all of it shines
off lake michigan
the body of water that birthed me and
whose only end i can see
is the shore we sit along
what i’m pretty sure is polish
(which i recognize because it is the tongue
my mom and grandmother used to speak in)
spoken in the two seats next to me
well into 11pm
in aisle 6
as we follow the sunset for what seems like hours
heading west at 35 thousand feet
the impulse i have to say i live here
while talking with jimmy and james in a living room in portland
after jimmy asks now where is it that you live, again
and how strange the true answer sounds coming out of my mouth northeast missouri

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