the unbelievable

cheyenne pheonix, a dine’ young woman answering the question (on the broken boxes podcast) what would she tell young peoplewho are looking to get activated:
look to your elders, the ones who pray and the ones who honor a sober life without drinking or smoking and doing drugs – 
those on the ‘red path’ as we call it
tyler, eric, cynthia, jeauxseph and i
gathered around the computer screen to watch the best ever
dressage (horse dancing, essentially) to edited-in hip hop
(a lil kim remix, nonetheless)
the black cat ciurled on my bed
who i try to tell in english and then also
in heart language that in a couple of days
i will be gone for two weeks but
i will be back, yes
i will be back
The unbelievable whine/buzz at my windoow screens as i write this
and the count of the number of lightning bugs i see
residing in my room at the moment: four

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