already dangling

the handful of sweet potato slips
i lower into the reverse-nests in the mulck
in the chicken yard beds
of north garden
you have to add an extra syllable to everything
and say it with a smile
cynthya says
about the language sounds
of south carolina
that she came up in
i forget her name but she is the mama of oliver
and we call them the little family because they are all little
and on her way out the door she says
that she just has to say thank you again for the poem you wrote my son
the one about the dog
we actually just got a puppy last week
and your poem is framed on a table next to his bed
to which i have to say:
yes, this is why i do this 
and also, take that, submission rejections!
like childhood caroline says
of the caramel she made for yesterday’s potluck
the rest of which she brings over
to share alongside dinner tonight
the very light green fruits
already dangling
from the branches of some of the tomato plants
which will most likely
arrive at ripe
in my absence
despair and ecstasy  i say about this moment in the space time contiuum which currently features:
a best friend’s mother going into hospice with the remaining time alive is put at weeks not months,
the news of a sudden break up of the four year relationship of another best friend
and a birth, of a third best friend’s baby
which all makes me think something
must be going on astroligcally
from the water world:

A man jumps from a bridge into the Limmat river during hot temperatures in Zurich, Switzerland. – voice of america, day in photos