the unbelievable amount of light

the crunch of the bronze insect eggs
(squash bugs) as we smoosh them
between fintertips or fingertip and nail or nail and nail or fingertips and palms
in north garden where we work our way along the
three sisters patches
the coolness on me
under thin button up shirt as i 
walk away from completing the weeding of the cosmos patch
in perhaps the hottest part of the day
(91 degrees the thermometer reads)
drips of sweat dropping
off my brows into my eyes
yeah, because words can sometimes fuck everything up
i say to chad
in defense/as explanation
for connecting
with animals
the unbelievable amount of light
a single bug can give off
each firefly flicker
illuminating what they land on:
the neck fur of mama cat,
the small white watering can,
the door handle,
my arm
aurelia and nina and cole
as if they were waiting tables asking
person after person
around the fire if they would like a smore
and i place
two orders and then mention
how i’m going to yelp about this  place – the best restaurant
in northeast missouri
mae and i both agreeing
that this is the best firefly season
since either of us have been here
(in northeast missouri)
that we’ve ever witnessed
although it’s difficult to tell in the moment
because of the great light
of the bonfire before us
sheila guiding us
in her headlamp light
up the path
in the post-fire dark
how i try to catch (from cool ranch porch)
animal sounds somewhere between here and the chicken yard
some of which sound like
a creature having hairballs (but 10 times the size/sound of a domesticated cat),
and almost grunting growling that reminds me of wild boars,
snapping of twigs/brush underfoot (i’m assuming these creatures are on the ground, not in the trees),
a kind of sparring and this is where the dog-like growls come in
there are definitely at least two of them

from the water world:

Two men play in the Duinrell amusement park in Wassenaar as Europe sizzled in a continent-wide heatwave. – voice of america, day in photos

Girls stand in monsoon rains beside an open laundry in New Delhi, India. – voice of america, day in photos