combinationing everything

you’ll be fine in three days jenafer quotes the thing a doctor says to most of his patience
which makes my early morning people problem seem workable – makes things feel possible
this validation, this reassurance makes me calll her an apothecary
and i thank her for the medicine
 laurence says is to come into a wide open space
how the long line of us lifts our arms into a tunnel
while we welcome the teens back
while we sing them home
the pitcher yearns for water to carry,
and a person – for work that is real

someone under one of these tents quotes marge piercy
and it is exactly appropriate, perfect and right
singing maybe the first and sweetest song/lullabye my grandma has ever heard/received
we repeat
the georgian word for grandmother (nah nee lah)
in four parts
sound deep enough to swim in
and rich enough to drink
mica, annie and a boy whose name i don’t remember but is shaggy and perhaps wearing a yellow sweatshirt
combinationing everything we can think of from the swinging bridge in the moonlight over the iowa river
(you’ve got that moonglow
you’ve got that river flow
you’ve got that combination moonglow and river flow)
and how we cannot help but snarfle and giggle though we try to keep quiet as it is late and the tents filled with others are not far
one of the sweetest/best/magicalest things
about being here
is steppign away for a bit
and hearing these risefalling lilting voices in many parts
carried sweet and strong on the air
across field and through forest