don’t get precious about it

in the absolute dark sometime between last night’s sunset and this morning’s dawn
i get up to pee and guess the time (3:21)
before tucking myself back in again
and hit indiglo on my watch to see the time and the numbers astoundingly read 3:21

7:20 a.m. cynthia cruising past on the tractor 
hauling water to the sorghum starts 
performing part deux of the emergency watering/salvation

8:30 a.m. out on the frisbee field and it’s already blazing hot
as we warm up – tossing those discs back and forth
before we have even begun running up/down and up/down that field
i”m not afraid to put stuff out there –
i don’t get precious about it  says sterlin harjo, a filmmaker,
when talking about his process in an interview on the broken boxes podcast
and later, the host (whose name i don’t know) says
as an artist, you have people that follow you – lead them well


the western sky streaked with copper
against gray-lavender
while i walk the hose up/down the tomato and tomatillo beds
offering a quenching
with the slow steady flowing hose
in my hand


10something p.m.
with all five windows open in the cedar room, the cool night air drifts in
and it is like being
on a screened-in porch