like the opening scene

the tiny indigo butterfly
whosename i don’t remember
but is remarkably small and luminous
flickering in the coming-up cosmos and zinnias
in the front porch flower patch
at cool ranch
the percussion of persimmon blossoms
dropping one by one onto
the cedar room metal roof
and the small waxy flowers
gathering on the cedar room porch
hung from the white pine
dangles the emory-and-baigz-made pinata
that we take turns throwing the frisbee at
but not too hard emory instructs
(and then we go on to going after it with a found stick and then
we take turns roundhousing it)
lauren scrubbing and chopping potatoes
(yukon variety – my favorite)
while nina simone sings low in the background
as i saw my way through the abundance of hot dog
welome to my office  i joke
sprawled out on my stomach on the table
in the dining room
checking my phone messages and eating
rootbeer ice cream for a small stainless steel bowl with the short wooden darien spoon in my hand
how cool cynthia, tyler and eric look
approaching with the sunset at their bakcs
meaning they are all silhouette
sauntering towards us 
on the bridge over the tracks – 
so cool, that once they meet us, we take our own turns
walking against the orange pink ribbons of sunset and looking like
the opening scene from a movie
or an album cover


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