life and passage

yoga-ing into the early and dim light
of the beginning of a day
one cat snoozing on the porch and one cat
sneaking out the back way
to the ant dying on my desk
in the lamplight
while joolie tells me about her visit with her mom
who’s in the hospital again
and how complicated it is because it’s not a single and easily resolvable issue:
i honor your life
and your passage

trish and i against
emory and eric on the basketball court which is
on a rock/gravel road
and how we whoop and shout and howl
while we toss the ball
sometimes to each other
sometimes into the hoop
and sometimes clear over the backboard

mama cat and the mouse she caught
tossing and playing on my porch
while she does that i just caught something meow-yowl
which reminds me of how i wanted to learn more about ‘cats leaving gifts for their owners’ because it is so human-centric and probably something else entirely
(and what i found in my reading is how the behavior
is a hold-over from parenting,
a part of teaching their young to hunt


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