the luxury of forgetting

waves  baigels suggests for
the cosmos seed flower patch
path shape
and so it is:
a long curving wave
up-downing the length of the patch
how i can’t help but peanut gallerying
up until the meditation bell
and even a little bit through the beginning of it
the poncho acting
as not only a rain barrier to the small black cat i carry
but also as af blindfold to put up between her
and mama cat
who have nothing but endless antagonism
towards each other
that we live in a world
where the commonplace-ness of images like these
keeps us from seeing/feeling
the death/loss/grief/displacement (etc) that are a part of 
images like these
(which reminds me of how someone mentioned
the war we’ve been in for sixteen goddamn years now
and the shittiest thing about it
is that we have the luxury to just simply forget  
that it’s still going on)

moke rises from buildings following a reported airstrike on a rebel-held area in the southern Syrian city of Daraa. – voice of america, day in photos


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