ass burgers

first bird seen
watching through darien’s (via mom) binoculars using the eastern birds peterson field guide:
rose breasted grosbeak
the red patch on its chest
and the white specks on its black feathers 
and its short beak
making it easy
to find in the book and its long still perch
in view from bed loft also making it ideal
as a first bird
cutest raccoon ever held in captivity
tame and mellow
and almot dog-like in behavior
how i hate being a human who wants to keep the creatures from raiding our house
which means we capture the creature and drop them off so very far from home
near water at least but still
how when emory hears aspbergers  his eyes widen because what he’s really hearing is ass burgers
as in: so and so has ass burgers
we feel restless
somewhere inside us the treadmill grinds on

heard on radio station
a huge part of meditation is paying attention
and then it’s paying attention to where our attention is


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