how we say thank you

the magnificent red and shine
of the season’s first strawberries
gleaming from under their leafy cover
almost all the pastels
in one bouquet:
light bright pink peonies
and cream/white/tineist hint of blush peonies
and some light purple thing whose name i can’t remember
and yellow irises
cut to size and placed in a just-scrubbed (to ting! kind of cleanness)
quart jar and set
in the center of the butcher block

should you care to partake i invite darien
to walk un-sandled
in the path i just dug
to feel the cool earth
on his feet
before we sit
i read the w.s. merwin thank you poem
about how through the violent assault of war, we say thank you
and through the dazzle of night stars and the melting orangesicle of the sunset we say thank you
and through gnarly car crashes and funerals, we say thank you
shannon tells me about how shawn spicer hid in the bushes somewhere
to escape the press hounding him about the comey situation
and now someone has made a spicer head printout available
that people are indeed printing out
so that when one goes out and about they keep seeing
sean spicer hiding
in the shrubbery
i spent some time today
beaming love to all those whose mothers have passed on or
were never known or
are estranged
i forgot about the mothers
separated by such things as a bullshit border
from parts of their families

A family commemorates Mother’s Day on the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana. -voice of america, day in photos.


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