synchronized with the sunrise

difficult to name but something
about the differeing qualities of color/light
between sunrise and sunset these days
(ashby the cat’s rising from his perch on my bed
synchronized with the sunrise
which is a magnificent mix of neon pink and copper)
and how i like being woken up at sunrise
because it feels right in my body
 but my body depends on a cat
to rouse me to catch it

anyone wants to come down to the sauna
 i say of my room
whose stove is too big for its space
and whose floors and windows are too leaky to hold the heat in
which means by the time
there are coals in the stove, i’m opening the door and down to bare feet and tshirts
on a 40 degree day

11:08PM ozzy osbourne’s no more tears 
on one of the two classic rock radio stations
that my four dollar radio picks up
while my four dollar porcelain electric kettle slowly comes to a boil
so i can fill the hot water bottle

emergency broadcast radio alerting
the mississippi river at quincy is forecast to rise above
flood stage sunday evening/monday/tuesday evening
and crest near 17.81 feet (16 feet being flood stage) until wednesday morning


what’s his face has approved
to expand off-shore drilling
is one thing i read at the end of the day
when i check in with the rest of the country/world
and immediately after i read the thing
about what’s his face saying we are really really close to bombing north korea (what kind of president talks like that!?)
and the news of north korea’s government handout
with the image of the whitehouse in the crosshairs


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