from dayness to nightness

the styrafoam flats
filled with shiny flecks of vermiculite plus peatmoss
we spend the morning dropping three seeds each of sorghum 
into each cell of the `12×24 (or is it 30) rows

soft iris scent
whose thinner-than-paper petals
glow white with a trace of purple

how the head of the beagle puppy
(who just two weeks ago galloped across the highway with its littermate
towards cynthia and i as we picked up trash on teh highway clean)
just hangs as trish picks the still irresistably cute pooch
off the highway
and place in our trunk to bring to the neighbors
we don’t know who hit the dog
or how long ago it died
but we do know to move the creature off the road
so that all the damage that has been done
will be the only damage that has been done

the light pinks and purple grays
of the sky as it changes
from dayness to nightness
as i walk the back gravel road
trailed by a semi feral cat


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