the slow settling

amongst the sounds of the morning birds
and the slow settling
of the morning light
i spy from the loft perech windows
seeking the source of the animal skitterings and underfoot twig crunches
to find the gray/brown and the enormousness
of a groundhog sniffing and poking around
on my front porch
this season’s first poison ivy `itch appearing
as a whitehead-ish (pus-filled_ red bump – top of my left hand
the white underbellies of squirrels
as seen from where i stand on the sugar shack porch
while the not baby but not adult squirrels
step tentatively – reaching
out from under roof
and onto one of the beams that holds it up

first irises
mostly white with a little purple
in bloom along the south side
of the white house and a little bit
on the edge of the root cellar mound
emory and zane yelling in pig latin
in the whitehouse backyard
running and chasing and climbing

i like watching someone do things well/make things well i tell kim
while we front porch perch
with plates too full
on this potluck night
mama cat curled
in my cross-legged lap
(which she never does)
while the lightning bugs blink on/off
as she closes her eyes into
the cat-nappest of sleeps
from the water world:

A woman carries earthen pots to fill them with drinking water on a hot summer day, on the outskirts of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. – voice of america, day in photos

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