all the greens becoming

lying on my stomach
on the cool wood floor
catching up on the poems
sent dailiy to my inbox
the quality
of light flitered by the new green growing
off branches stretching overhead
and all the greens

hauling the final garden cart of my stuff
(clothes) from karma
to the sugar shack 
and the satisfaction i feel of having moved
it all this way 

headpiece i call the earphone/mic combo
which makes both shannon and i laugh
about codpieces
)he little stained glass style hooded nightlight
(which is one of the things of janina siedlewski’s that i aquired)
sending the glow of small light
through its flower petal reds and offwhites
up in the sleeping loft
whose matress is currently draped in layers of bedding including
the afghan janina crocheted
(brght greens and purple-magentas)

from the water world: 

Trash is seen on the polluted El Claro creek on Earth Day in Tigre, Argentina – voice of America, day in photos.


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