when the stream was a place

how i fake-juggle the two oranges
we eat for breakfast
the saturation of the color of their skin
almost too much in a way that makes me
love this citrus fruit even mroe
a certain kind of tranquility
cynthia and i agree upon
about spaces (like julia and mike’s, where we just spent the night)
that aren’t filled with the humming
of electricity
drums and vermiculite and rubber boots in the hatchback 
as we drive south into the morning
down highway 63 towards macon
we are very blessed with water in this state molly says
of the over 1,500 miles of stream
in missouri
when someone mentions the headwaters of the missouri river
in montana, smoeone else says and it’s clear, oh boy, that water is clear up there
which i take to mean a version of holy

all there is – no habitat there she says
about channelized streams and their absence
of riffling

when she asks what the green on the topo map indicates
another person says forest
and she says that’s right,
though, of course, some of the areas that were forest, might not be anymore

and when we talk about safety and trespassing (etc.) 
someone says it is a good idea to wash your hands
after they have been in the stream
which makes me ache for a time
when the stream was the place to wash
i go into the day not knowing
what the word riffle means, and i come out of it
having taken a sample of bugs
(or what one might call macroinvertebrates) from near one
where the sun glints off the rippled surface of stream water
tumbling over small rocks

like listening to a weather event coming in
i listen to the slow-to-boil water
in the $3 ceramic electric kettle
as it warms 
before i pour it into the hot pink nalgene
to be wrapped in a sock and tucked
at the foot of the bed

from the water world: 

A man drinks water from an earthen pot kept by the side of a road for people on a hot day in Ahmadabad, India. Most of north India has been reeling under a heat wave with temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius. – voice of america, day in photos


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