as whole as possible

without meaning to
i run four and a half miles
and while it wasn’t my fastest
i can tell there is some kind of satisfaction in there
about distance
and less cares about speed
and this is where i must thank the banana, shared from darien, for powering me through the gravel and the ruts and the rise fall of the hills and the cruving corners
mica and i making reverse-nests across from each other
in beds 24 and 25
in the gathering heat of the morning
(which is nothing compared to the gathering heat that will come on in july and august)
before we lower the three different varieties of young cabbages in
i’m not sure if any of us are sure
of the name of the grass
but we do know how it travels by rhizomes
and it is a nightmare in the garden
and so we do our best to follow
the lines of the trhizomes straggling along
in the earth
and we also do our best to pull them out
as whole as possible
because it is the new normalish,
i could almost take it for granted:
these 70 degree days
where sweating is still a novelty
the pot that trish offers
for the licking from the 
flourless chocolate cake
that is baking in the oven
the guessing game we end up playing with
the statistics that cynthia pulls up
about animal-related deaths
and the number of deaths due to deer
(not deer as the agressor, but deer as the thing that people driving cars crash into)
was surprisingly huge
especially compared to number of human deaths caused by other creatures such as sharks, bears and lions
from the water world:

A girl is splashed with water by boys following a Polish Wet Easter Monday tradition, in Wilamowice, Poland – voice of america, day in photos


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