in this unlit-ness

temperature in the upper 70s and
the wind is wild and alive and
this is the kind of feeling (when there is so little difference between the temperature of me and the temperature of air around me)
i want every day
to be made of
quietest meditator i have ever sat with
darien says
as we all stand in a circle
around the dinner set out on the butcher block

(the dinner, made by yours truly and grown by my fellow farm-mates and me:
spinach salad with shredded carrot and tamari toasted seeds to sprinkle on top and sun-soy dressing [sunflowers, oil, soy sauce, garlic and water, blended til creamy) to drizzle over,
a small stack of personal plain omelettes (or, as i think of them because of their thinness; egg crepes)
to be topped with the slow-roasted sweet red peppers and spring green onions and rehydrated sun dried sungold tomatoes and broccoli chopped fine
and masala potatoes and butternut with ty’s tomato apple chutney on top)
moon not yet up
and lightning touching down in the distance
i walk slowly down the rock road
whose individual stones i cannot see
in this unlit-ness
while wearing the clogs that are known to roll
on uneven surfaces
but this is not about whether or not i will roll/stumble,
this is about being called down an unlit road under a star-appearing sky
by the light
flickering down
in the distance

and something about the soothing sounds and light
coming out of the windows at the sugar shack
where dottie and tyler record music
makes me love this all even more and somehow
connects me to a sense of past and tradition of this place
from the water world:

Revelers take part in a water fight at Songkran Festival to celebrate Thai New Year in Bangkok, Thailand. – voice of america, day in photos


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