the fally-aparty front porch

lilac-y blueish as seen from
the fally-aparty front porch
and as i walk through the mini woods
between sugar shack and chicken coop
i see that they are bluebells
(wild spring flowers) blooming
and so i take some but not to many
to set in a small jar of water for my dead
and to set in a bottle of water in the whitehouse along with the tiny white daffodils emanating their light and perfumy sweet scent
the warmth of the patches of sun
(shaped the same shapes as the windows the light falls through)
as i move through them,
stretching (arcing, balancing, bridging, triangling)
into the morning
little rainbows tossed onto walls, desk, floor
thrown by sun through the  sphere prism
in the above-desk east-facing window
how, at some point in the game,
i remember to pivot
which is a great thing
to remember
the flounce-bounce of the piece of foam
that dottie and i carry on our heads
to and fro the d.r. parking lot
a walking taco dottie says
and explains the phenomenon of a walking taco to which i respond
that’s called a frito pie in santa fe
aurelia and cole yumming every dish announced at potluck
except for the array of pickled things
the orange slice
as seen through the bare branches (that, in not so long, will be lush with leaves)
rising in inky night
[not to insinuate that the shape of the moon is a slice, it’s a day shy of full, but the only glimpse of it that can be seen as it rises from here
is just a slice]

from the water world:

With assist from its mahouts, an elephant blows water from its trunk onto tourists in a motor-tricycle, or Tuk Tuk, ahead of the Buddhist New Year, known as Songkran, in Ayutthaya province, central Thailand. -voice of America, day in photos

A Christian pilgrim is baptized by a priest in the muddy water of the Jordan River at the Kasser-Al-Yahud baptismal site near the West Bank city of Jericho. -voice of America, day in photos

A devotee takes a holy bath at the Balaju Baise Dhara (22 water spouts) during the Baishak Asnan festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. -voice of America, day in photos


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