good day for sailing

how, in the middle of last night,
i woke up to the lightning and then beelined it to the greenhousein order to put the collards, the cabbage, the kale, the broccoli starts
inside under coer to avoid peltings of rain and hail at high win dspeeds
shows me what i think is a thrush
singsonging its way
across the tops of the barren but sometimes bleeding 


ty-style breakfast special
over at karma because the propane is out
over at the whitehouse:
skillet biscuits, vegan sausage, darien’s hot chocolate and various other canned accoutremont
good day for sailing i observe/explain from where we weed and mulch 
the brassica beds in south garden
my hat thinks so says cynthia 
whos wide brimmed garden hat
has set sail off her head at least three or four times in the past hour

how it takes four of us to heave/ho the heavy wet round  bale
of hay off the back of the wagon

mama cat in the moonlight how i sit with her
as she nuzzles and startles and curls up in my lap and i tell her
she fought good today,
(meaning, jack the dog has a habit of chasing cats and never catching them, 
only this time, jthe scene unfolding
is enough for cynthia to yell up the nieghbors green hill


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