to sing for the season

in the sun on a 60 degree day
baigz and trish at the picnic table
and me walking past offering popcorn
which they take and offer sips of cherry/grape icy blend
in exchange

from the desk down at the shack,
the sound of a frog/bullfrog
just beginning to sing for the season
darien and i go onabout
the 3day old tea in teh sauce pan etc
and i joke about how we should make a video
and post it up on the fellowship for intentional communities website
ashby the cat perched and rattling (a purr machine. a rarity for this one)
and even sortof cuddling
in the sugar shack loft
his greenblue eyes narrowed on the edge
of sleep
an in n’ out style dinner
compliments of shef tyler:
veggie burgers made from scratch, buns too
served with melted cheddar and caramelized onions
thousand island (from scratch) style dressing
sweet potato fries
and greens

the moon almost halfway across the sky as the sun
melts fuschia-orange, candy-like
into horizon
first tulip, not open but almost
red petaled becoming
in the herb garden


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